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Turn your visitors into customers with talking characters iLipSync

iLipSyc.Net overview

iLipSync.Net provides service of generating lip synchronized characters online. Talking characters of you choice will be generated automatically online without any program installation.

Animated characters will speak the audio you upload and soon the text your type. There are animations of different appearance, age and temper in our Character Gallery. They all are unique to meet your specific requirements.

The process of creation online is easy and fast. It is absolutely unnecessary to be a professional web-developer or have a deep knowledge in Flash generation. You click the button and get your flash animated talking character.

  • Attractive talking characters will make your site interesting, outstanding, remarkable.
  • An interactive Flash animation is a good present to be sent by e-mail or placed on the web. Its size is compact and its effect is incompatible with an ordinary e-card.
  • No more dilemma: to earn much or have an interesting work. You can earn money by creating lipsync talking characters for other users.

Now specially for those who:

  1. has a brilliant imagination that is not limited to the facilities of this site
  2. is a genuine creator and wants to create his own world of  flash animated characters
  3. wants to turn his exciting hobby into profitable business online

Then buy the iLipSync.Net Server Edition and integrate dynamic lipsync talking characters on your website.

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If you wish to generate an iLipSync character for your website you can do so for just $2 per iLipSync.


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