Lip Sync - Design your own flash animated talking characters
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Turn your visitors into customers with talking characters iLipSync
Break silence and earn the audience!
Flash talking characters will decorate your site and make it unique, interactive and remarkable. Attract attention of millions of web-users or just a single person of your heart.
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Design your own flash talking characters using lip sync

iLipSync.Net is a wizard software that animates characters, makes them talk and converts them finally into Flash format. So you get the fantastic result - Flash animated talking characters - extremely easy and in the most convenient way in advantageous package!

Why is our online character builder easy?
  • No need to install the program (save space on your PC for other things!)
  • No need to study Flash generating programs (save your time and efforts!)
  • No need to design your own characters (several characters already pre-designed)

Why is it convenient?
  • The process of creating is performed on-line automatically using our lip sync engine
  • A great variety of talking characters and voice-over samples is at your disposal on the site, all you have to do is to choose your preferred character and upload your audio.
  • Generated Flash animations can be sent by e-mail or placed on your site immediately

Why is our Server Edition advantageous?
  • The characters you buy can be easily and promptly upgraded absolutely free!
  • If you don't like any features or you want your unique project to be brought about it is possible and absolutely real!
  • You get a present with your first purchase - Lana is our charming talking character, our absolutely free addition to your iLipSync.NET Server edition purchase!
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If you wish to generate an iLipSync character for your website you can do so for just $2 per iLipSync.


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